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Location and Climate

Likuliku is located 25km/16 miles from Nadi International Airport in the Mamanuca archipelago.

Fiji's climate is tropical. Temperatures vary slightly between the summer and winter months with summer beginning early December and lasting through to March.

The weather is quite hot and humid during the summer months with average daily temperatures around 32°C (92°F). This time is usually referred to as the 'wet season', however it should be noted that Likuliku Lagoon Resort is located to the west of the larger Fiji Islands and on average receives less rainfall than the eastern parts of Fiji at this time.

By the end of April, Fiji experiences a more moderate climate with average temperatures reaching 27°C (82°F) by day and pleasantly cooler during the night at around 19°C (66°F).


Tides are natural predictable events that vary in strength on a regular basis. They result from various different forces or combinations of forces caused by the movement of the moon and sun relative to the earth.  Spring tides produce higher high tides and lower low tides and occur every 14 days at the time of the full moon and new moon when the sun, the moon and earth line up to exert the maximum gravitational force at the earths surface.  In these cycles, sea levels can fall as much as 1.7m (5.7ft),  gradually emptying the Lagoon over a 6 hour period , exposing the seabed during low tides.  This is natural and part of mother nature.  The Lagoon will take another 6 hours or so to fill again. On neap tides, the fall in sea level is smaller, around 0.9m (3ft). Swimming and snorkelling in Likuliku Lagoon is still possible at low tide but with different access points.  Our Activities Team will assist guests with the best options.

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